Saskatoon Police Officer Suspended, Chooses To Retire Rather Than Take Children's Freedom Speaks Out

Published May 6, 2021 307 Views

Rumble Hear the first public statement from the Saskatoon Police Officer who chose to retire this week rather than continue to take freedom away from his kids. This man is an example of what honour, integrity, and truth.

To do what is right isn't always easy. In a time where we see so many "self proclaimed leaders" with no integrity, seeing someone who shows the world what having a solid moral compass looks like.

We need to support him and others just like him. The police in Canada are caught in the crosshairs, they need our understanding and support if we expect them to make moral choices in troubled times. Support our good cops, love those on the fence with patience, and stand squarely in #UnitedDefiance against those who do not share the same values as we the people of #Canada

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