Kitten plays fetch like a dog

Published May 3, 2021 9,844 Views $7.66 earned


Yasmina Brown, 37 who is a business owner in South Lanarkshire, Scotland filmed this video on the 14th February 2021.

Snowflake who was 4 months old when this video was filmed is shown playing fetch. Ms Brown told Ark Media "he acts more like a puppy than a kitten which is meant to be common in their breed, a ragdoll."

Snowflake "started off when he chased a little ball one day, then we wondered if he would bring it back. With a little bit of patience, a month later he was playing fetch with some of his favourite toys."

Yasmina adds that "he even wakes me up during the night to play fetch when he can’t sleep."

"When he’s not playing fetch he likes to go walking with the family and explore some of our favourite places, which does get a few odd looks."