2 years ago

Billie Beene E1=159 President Trump Fall 2021/CCP Strike in Indo/Plus

Assassination attempt on President Trump in January 2018 and Dracos (ET's) are real.

There are different ET species and the Dracos are real. We have seen them in past movies and we all thought this is science fiction when in reality, these Dracos are real ET's. Who makes up the Alliance? It is GOD, Military, Space Force, President Trump and more. There are 22 military in the Alliance. There is a report back in January of 2018 of incoming nukes to Hawaii that was reported by the Cabal as being false but they were real. This did indeed happen. There were 2 subs that launched nukes to assassinate President Trump as he was approaching Hawaii. There is more news by Billie Beene. Check this video out to get the whole story.

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