Man Creates Incredible Commercials Using Every Day Objects!

Published April 27, 2021 48 Views $0.10 earned

Rumble Elliot Stephens, 25, is a filmmaker from Berkshire, UK in December 2020!

"The ideas are made by simply evaluating the product I’m trying to focus on, and building a concept around that and having fun with it, the thought process really kicks in on set!"

Elliot added that his friends and family really enjoy the content he makes, which makes him really happy. He wants to continue to make videos, and hopes he can reach a wider audience!

"I believe what’s happening in the videos is a creative process that’s in my head, it’s hard to explain but I’m trying to make a video where you don’t see certain shots coming but when they are pulled off it makes you think “oh yes”! said Elliot.

Elliot got into film and editing when he started showing an interest in YouTube and making content on there.

"Since these videos I’ve been lucky enough to work with companies in Florida, a big music promotion company in the UK and other businesses looking to expand their online presence, I feel very grateful!" said Elliot.

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