American Musician Confronts Non-Mask Wearers In WalMart!

Published April 27, 2021 9,097 Views $6.29 earned

Rumble Camo Camille, 26, is a singer/songwriter living in metro Atlanta, Georgia.

He is originally from Winder, GA, where the majority of his videos are shot, including this one, that he took at a WalMart in his hometown. This video was filmed in January 2021.

"The 1st time I filmed a similar video was in Ohio, I had road tripped with a friend and while inside a Rite Aid last September was a woman without a mask wearing a sweatshirt that said “Fearless.” I thought that was pretty ironic given the fact we were in the middle of a pandemic and my instinct was to film her. To my surprise the video hit over a million views and stirred up a lot of conversation" said Camo.

"I underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2014, I’ll never have the immune system I should and I get sick very easily. I wouldn’t exactly consider myself to be high risk but I am a higher risk than the average person my age for sure, this is one reason I feel strongly about wearing a mask" said Camo.

"It’s not that I am scared of non-maskers, as a lot of them suggest in my comments, it’s the principle for me. I actually had Covid over the summer and thankfully only had mild symptoms, however my grandmother wasn’t as lucky and spent her final weeks suffering. Everyone I know has been affected personally by Covid, lost someone they cared for or knew. I think about other countries and how they tackled the coronavirus head on, far more effectively than us, on lockdown while Americans were out at BBQ’s and night clubs sharing drinking, without a mask.. it irritates me. The people who continuously disregard mask protocols and mandates are the same people who claim they want out of this pandemic the most.... make it make sense" said Camo.

"I hate the masks, I miss wearing makeup without it smearing all over my face and it’s difficult to breathe but until we’re all vaccinated or out of this pandemic, the respectful and considerate thing to do is to wear a mask. It’s simple" said Camo.

"I’ve had one lady in Target chase me down, claiming she “forgot” her mask in the car. Mind you she walked past the entrance to come find me 5 mins later instead of just going back to her car and getting it. Besides it’s not like she didn’t pass several “Masks Required” signs and a free mask station at the entrance. It was obvious through her actions that it was no mistake, she was just embarrassed about being filmed and threatened to get management on me, who didn’t end up taking her side. I over heard her screaming from the parking lot as I drove passed the entrance which I had all on camera. The video got 3M views in 2 hours before I took it down. A lot of people were upset and took her side and honestly I didn’t intend for things to escalate that way, I prefer to just make a sassy remark and keep it pushing but that was the video that inspired me to keep the mask videos coming.  However, instead of being obvious with it I started holding the phone to my ear as if I was talking to someone and getting their more candid reactions from that day forward. I feel like people are more inclined to act differently when they know the camera is rolling" said Camo.