Man Shows Off His Incredible Talent Of Being Able To Talk Backwards!

Published April 27, 2021 9,232 Views $8.17 earned

Rumble John Sevier Austin, 51, is from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a professional camera operator and video editor in the Charlotte Area, and filmed this video in Boone, North Carolina in 2015.

"I found out just before my 47th birthday that I am on the autism spectrum, which is a very wide spectrum ranging from people who aren't able to dress themselves to the nerdy weird geniuses who work in Silicon Valley" said John.

"The doctor who diagnosed me wasn't so impressed that I can talk backwards, he was impressed that I taught myself how to do this from playing a record backwards at the age of five and had the capability to understand the logistics of sound and language at such an early age" said John.

"That meant a lot to me as people have discredited me my whole life telling me I'm not as smart or capable as other people. He said I am absolutely brilliant and that it is because of some of my eccentricities that people have thought otherwise" said John.

"My family was never impressed with this and it disgruntled my parents who felt it was strange. My friends thought it was the most amazing thing ever" said John.

"In the first video my friends have just found out that I can talk backwards and they are literally freaking out and telling me to take this on the road and make money" said John.