Driver Tailgates Woman With Child In Car!

Published April 27, 2021 214 Views

Rumble The video was filmed by Allie Phillips, 26, who works in patient services. The video occurred when Ms. Phillips was driving home when the man in the video started to tailgate her and as Allie was about to turn into her driveway he "proceeded to try and run me off the road" whilst her 3 year daughter  and herself were in the car.

Ms. Phillips adds "he then laid on his horn and flipped me off" this in turn scared Ms. Phillips daughter who has sensory issues.

After the incident was filmed Ms. Phillips uploaded the interaction to her TikTok. Later the man in the video did contact her apologising for how he acted and asked her to take down the videos. Allie told the man she wouldn't take down the videos and hasn't heard from him since.

This video was filmed on the 9th February 2021 in Nashville TN, USA.