Woman Shares Her Experience With Alshabab And Forced Marriage

Published April 27, 2021 59 Views

Rumble <div dir="auto">This video was filmed by Shamsa Sharif, 28 years who is a single mother & a policing and criminal investigation degree student.</div>
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<div dir="auto">This video is about my experience with Alshabab and forced marriage when she was 17 turning 18 which took place in Somalia back in 2011.</div>
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<div dir="auto">Shamsa told Ark Media "At that age I never thought much about terrorism or violence. I used to see Alshabab on tv in the UK but I never thought it was true I believed the media was targeting Somalia but the reality was far from the truth. I witnessed an accused of stealing have his hand cut off and everyone in town had to witness his punishment. I went expecting nothing to happen but they took his hand cut showed it to everyone, as to say if you steal this will be the result. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed."</div>
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<div dir="auto">Ms. Sharif "The reason I chose to share my experience is because so many are ignorant that takes place in Somalia including the ceeb culture meaning silent culture within the Somalian community (shaming victims of crimes such as rape, Domestic Violence and so much more. I want to bring awareness that silencing victims leads to death, reoffending, affects to mental health, suicide and most of all resentment towards family, community and religion."</div>
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<div dir="auto">I hope to fight for the women who fall victim to rape, forced marriage, Domestic Violence, abuse, under age marriages and most of all FGM Female genital mutilation.</div>
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<div dir="auto">This video was filmed in Burnley, Lancashire and it was filmed 4th of February 2021.</div>