Security guard stops disabled man from using a public restroom!

Published April 27, 2021 9,611 Views

Rumble <div>I have a friend who is mentally handicapped but functions very well. He and other friends often stand outside of an abortion mill pleading with women to save their babies and they offer them assistance if they will decide not to go through with the abortion.  The abortion facility is next door to a government building with multiple government offices. It is the closest place someone in the area can go to a public restroom.

For a couple of weeks, they had not allowed my friend to use the public restrooms in the public building even though they let others use them. They said that if he was "from over there" pointing at the abortion place, he could not use the restrooms. He told me about it and I have a YouTube channel that focuses on government accountability. I went with him and they wanted to deny him access but after a supervisor came down, they let him use the restrooms.

The second video was a month or so later. They had stopped letting him use the restrooms again. This time, I came with my Santa coat on and a security guard actually went hands on. The police were called and they took a police report for the security guard battering me. That case is still pending.

The police informed them that they have to let him use the restrooms and that I can video in the public building.</div>
<div>People were upset that the government workers would pick on a handicapped man like that.</div>