Guy Creates Outdoor Gym Using $70 Weight Set He Upcycled!

Published April 27, 2021 4,682 Views $3.95 earned

Rumble Eddy De Luca, 23, is from Los Angeles, CA, but has recently moved to Dallas, Texas. He filmed these videos between April 29 to May 7 2020.

"2 months into quarantine with gyms shut down and not much going on, I stumbled upon rusty weights sitting in my next door neighbors yard and knew I found gold" said Eddy.

"I offered to buy them off of my neighbour for more money but the most she would take was $70. I got to work right away with just a quick rinse then tried various methods to get the rust off (acid wash, hand scrub, wire wheel, and Coca-Cola). I then coated the weights with black Rustoleum paint. I bought my floor mats at Walmart and built my own bench press with $20 worth of wood from Lowe’s" said Eddy.

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