Video Tour Of The Amazing Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan!

Published April 27, 2021 147 Views $0.12 earned

Christopher Nilghe, 35, filmed this video at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in December 2020.

"Theme parks in Asia is one of the main types of content I focus on. Also being a lifelong Nintendo fan, it was a given I had to visit this as soon as possible" said Christopher.

"My friends and family all thought it looked like a ton of fun and that I enjoyed myself, immensely" said Christopher.

"My favourite parts of the park is the food in the cafe and interacting with all the coin blocks" said Christopher.

"If you're a theme park or Nintendo fan, then it's an absolute must" said Christopher.

"We were among some of the first people to visit Super Nintendo World during the previews and before the official opening" said Christopher, who has been living in Japan for the past eight years.


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