Man Cuts Off Dreadlocks After Seven Years!

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I am Michael Smith, 33, from North Carolina, Professional Loctician & Spirit-Life Coach. As a Pro. Loctician, I specialize in 100% crocheted, all natural dreadlocks, that requiring no products to be installed, maintained, or repaired at ; and as a pro. Life coach, I specialize in showing people how to directly experience God and enjoy the fruits of The Kingdom of Heaven, here and now at!

The original video was filmed Oct 10, 2019 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dreadlocks grow by themselves, but I had them for 7.5 years. And before that for 3 years; and pretty soon, I’ll have them again for life.

I decided to get dreads as a personal expression of who I am. No other presentation of my hair felt natural or comfortable to me until I installed my own dreadlocks. I also prefer to use stay at natural and health conscious as a whole, so dreadlocks were a great embodiment of that intent. However, my original inspiration to get dreadlocks was upon seeing someone on television breakdanceing with dreadlocks, and he looked amazingly free in comparision to my shell-shocked childhood. Dreadlocks embodied freedom of personal expression and the ability to tame chaos in my personal life into hair.

In the video, I am cutting off my dreadlocks due to my desire to redo the layout of the dreadlock roots; because after 10+ years of experience with dreadlocks, I had learned how I could do them better. Being a professional, I had attempted a procedure to remedy that desire as an experiment on myself, but it turned out that I should have allowed my hair to grow out more before such attempts. The consequence was that I would have to let my hair grow out for 6 months to a year just to return my roots to their previous condition before the experiement; and rather go through the trouble, I had simply decided to cut them off and start fresh. All the while, never was my intent to cut them off for “the look,” nor did I give myself dreadlocks purely for “the look:” My dreadlocks embodied a journey truly getting to know myself as a personality, and around the time I cut them off, I no longer felt that I needed them to be myself or feel comfortable as myself

The real story is not in why I cut them off, but why I had them to begin with, and why I will soon have dreadlocks again, starting over.

Basically, in 2011-1012, I had heard about The Law of Attraction, and decided that I was going to manifest the “perfect dreadlocks” on my head; meanwhile, I was homeless in Oregon, whereupon I consistently envisioned the perfect locks. Around the end of my stay in Portland, early 2012, I had a fellow homeless-by-choice friend named Vasue whom’s hair was naturally starting to turn into dreadlocks. I recall him saying something like, “I’m going to either have to get dreadlocks, which has always been a dream of mine, or cut off my hair; but I have no idea how to go about it.” Immediately, I was reminded to being in the exact same position 4 years earlier when my hair was starting to lock naturally the first time due to a lot of water and sun exposure. And at that time, I had approx.. 3 years experience with those dreadlocks, and I had learned A LOT just with myself, but at the time of my friend’s predicament, I had none.

So, upon hearing his struggle, I offered to install his dreadlocks for him for free, and I felt comfortable because he had nothing to lose and only dreadlocks to gain, and that’s when I spent the next week, spending 3 hours per day installing his locks. When I was finally finished, he was absolutely blown away by what I was able to do for his head, and I was so inspired by his response that I realized this fact: If I want “the perfect dreadlocks,” I might actually have to do something about it. And that’s when I installed my own dreadlocks being shown in the video over the course of a week with a bit a help from a friend to help me part the back. And 7.5 years later from that date, or 8.5 years now, I have a thriving dreadlock business as one of the best all natural locticians in the world. And it all started upon helping a friend, and seeing the necessity of helping myself instead of waiting around for someone to fulfill my dream.

The funny thing is that my dream for that whole year was to “have ‘instant’ dreadlocks” that would “just poof” on to my head; and while what I do now is by no means magic, I specialize in giving people instant dreadlocks. And it may take many hours, instead of a single second, but what was once my dream is now a reality for other people to enjoy.

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