Every 28 minutes somebody dies from a heart attack in Australia

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Rumble Every 28 minutes somebody dies from a heart attack in Australia (data from 2017) How can you protect yourself? Here are some suggestions to keep you going feeling fitter and stronger every day.

But first let me tell you that most people we see still believe that fat is unhealthy and best avoided. I give my clients credit for the fact that they are doing what they can to help themselves. The problem is that the information dished out to them is as misguided as bloodletting was 500 years ago. Society got it all wrong in the 1960’s when the fat-phobia struck us like the bubonic plague did in the Dark Ages. The black pest killed millions of people overnight, whereas our aversion to healthy fats and our love affair with fruits triggered a slow agonizing decline of health followed by certain death.

When I ask my clients to give me an example of what they eat, they might say;

I have a healthy diet because:

• I don’t eat red meat, only chicken or fish
• I don’t eat eggs, because I want to keep my cholesterol low
• I have lots of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts
• I buy everything fat free
• I only use margarine

If these diets are so healthy, why do those same clients suffer from symptoms like moods swings, gall bladder problems (gas, bloating, reflux, diarrhoea), hormonal problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, dry and brittle hair and nails, dry and wrinkly skin, and weight problems?

Fat isn’t fattening, it is low fat foods that make you fat and cranky.
Healthy fats send a signal to the brain to tell you that you are satisfied and that you can stop eating now. Another problem with low fat diets is that they are often high in carbohydrates. You have to fill up on something and carbs make convenient and tasty fillers. They are addictive!

High starch carbohydrates make your blood sugars spike and then drop. When your blood sugars drop, your energy drops. You won’t feel like doing anything and lose your motivation to exercise or have a healthy lifestyle. For you to maximize your metabolism, you need to provide it with fats, oils and proteins every meal.

Here is what we suggest you do:

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