Obama is determined to destroy America... The Battle is not over ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus Christ

2 years ago

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The Battle is not over yet… Obama is determined to destroy America

December 23, 2016 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) May the consolation of our dear Lord Jesus fill your hearts this day, beloved ones. Carol had a vision while praying. She saw Obama caught in a huge spider web that was attached and connected around the whole world. He was the spider in the center, and he was bound in chains and unable to move. Carol had the impression that the points of the web were waiting for Obama to make the first move, but he couldn’t because he was chained by our prayers. She also had the impression that our continued prayers are needed to keep him immobile.

(Jesus) “The battle is not over yet, dear ones of My Heart. It is not over yet. For the time being you have bound him in chains, but not for long, if you do not continue to fast and pray. This man is diabolical and determined to put an end to America. In this moment, he is stewing in his own bitter juices because he cannot as yet touch you. But that will come to an end if you don’t keep up your efforts to bind him, for there are many devices and powers of evil involved in this wicked subterranean government.

“And that is truly what you have, a hellish government formed underground quite literally, and figuratively, as well. Conceived and executed from Hell and I am about to despoil it – if you hold your ground in prayer. As I have told you before, I am giving this world a demonstration of what a Christian country can do through prayer.

“Then it is up to them to choose to fight this wickedness and put a temporary end to it, or allow it to consume the world in the flames of corruption. Muslims and Christians alike will have to denounce this evil force in order for it to be contained for any length of time.

“But understand even as it is written… ‘Ishmael will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.’ (Genesis 6:12)

“And it is the way of history that men use one another for their own ends and then terminate them. And so shall it be with the new world government. They will use the Muslims to destroy the Christians and Jews and then they themselves shall be destroyed. For the people will rebel against this insidious ideology. But remember I will come and put an end to all dictatorships and all governments that are not of Me, established by and for the Kingdom of Heaven.

“But in the meantime, the Earth will be a living hell after you, My Brides, are removed. But for now, My Mercy is anxious to demonstrate the possibilities of living for God in a truly free country. All nations will be given the chance to fight their way out of the kingdom of darkness.

“Now you, My Brides, have proven yourselves trustworthy with My Heart. You have shown that your first love is Me and not the demanding traditions of men. I have told you before, this season used to celebrate My Incarnation, and holds many magical and holy moments for the young. My angels are present in so many places to stir the young hearts towards their Savior.

“Satan has perverted this holy day with materialism, but such young souls are not old enough quite yet to understand that. To them, it is a season of giving to those you love and a celebration even with Christmas carols which I anoint to move on the hearts of men. Yes, in these rooms with families singing to Me, the anointing of love and peace falls heavily almost like an intoxicating happiness.

(Clare) You know, as He was talking about that, I just had memories of my children when they were younger, and the beautiful traditions that we had to celebrate the Lord’s birth. And I started to feel really sad. And the Lord interrupted my sadness and said…


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