BREAKING: U.S. & Australia Unite to Defeat China in Indo-Pacific. CCP Jet Fighters Attack Taiwan

Published April 18, 2021 531 Views

Rumble TRUMP'S GREATEST LEGACY. Prime News USA CCP CHINA ALERT: U.S. & Australia unite to defeat China in Indo-Pacific War Zone as CCP jet fighters attack Taiwan's sovereignty zones. The evil empire of CCP Red China is at it again with its military aggression against its neighbor's in the Indo-Pacific and threatening war against the United States and its allies. They don't seem to take the Biden Administration seriously and since January of this year have been testing & prodding U.S. Naval & Airforce capabilities in the South China Sea and throughout the Indo Pacific.

Now boasting the world's largest Navy (hard to believe) Red China is dangerously flexing its military muscles with constant intrusions into Taiwanese waters and air space - as well as Japan and the Philippines..

Thank God that Donald Trump left our military in good shape - particularly the Australian & US partnership and with the prior administration setting in motion high tech infrastructure improvements to Tindale Air Base in the Northern coast of Australia just 186 miles south of Darwin. Meddlesome Chinese Navy vessels and aircraft incursions are becoming more frequent with Taiwanese air and sea national sovereignty being violated & attacked by the CCP.

But a whole new fleet of high speed LCS US Navy ships (Littoral Combat Ships armed with long range anti ship missiles) and squadrons of F 18 Hornets and stealthy F 35 fighters armed with the latest & most lethal anti ship missile systems on the planet, are massing at Tindal as well as the South China Sea, East China Sea, Straits of Taiwan and Sea of Japan. The whole Indo Pacific theater is being heavily populated with fighting craft and personnel from China the US and our allies. Is war imminent? China officially just stated that it is.


Most likely, the CCP has never felt so emboldened and desperate to rattle its large arsenal of high tech sabers (Tech that was stolen from the USA)at all its adversaries as it arrogantly perceives that the Pandemic has given it an advantage.

The CCP CIVILZATION KILLERS - the progenitors of COVID 19 & it's multiple bioterror variants are about to get justice. For every action in the Universe there is a reaction. China's diabolical bio terror attack on the free world was intended to leap frog over all competing nations - including its arch rival America.

The largest military and Navy Armada in the history of the world is now present in the South China Sea and the Indo Pacific region and Red China has good reason to be concerned. Find out why in this report.

CCP Red China's bioterror has now killed over 3 million innocents around the world and made 200 million more gravely ill. And nearly 600,000 American have died as a result of their reckless (or deliberate) behavior. It's now time for them to reap where they sowed.


Federico Cardella
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