You Can't "Catch" a Virus (Part 2) - Tom Barnetts Reply To The World !

Published April 6, 2021 1,224 Views

Tom Barnett has become quite the media sensation as of late. I first became familiar with Tom, as did a lot of people, after watching one of his videos from a few months ago that was titled, something like “you cant catch a virus.”

In this video, "You Can't Catch A Virus - (Part 2)" the controversial and heavily censored heroic whistle blower Tom Barnett replies to the Parasitic "Controllers", Big Pharma, MSM (Mainstream Media), the shills, minions and other 'lackies' of the oligarchical government that feebly attempted to discredit, defame, radicule, character assassinate him after he spoke out during hes first video (That was banned worldwide on every mainstream social media networking platform) after he exposed the snake oils, smokes and mirrors and Trojan horses of 'the establishment' (namely the corrupt rockefellas foundations medical industry, the zionist banking cartel and other agendas of the rothschilds empire) during a live stream he made for friends.

In this video Tom ties up a few "loose ends" in excellent fashion, addressing some of the lame excuses the "minions" tried to to throw at him, with ease.

If you hav'ent heard of this god send by now, I would STRONGLY ADVISE watching hes first video here again and sending ir loved and faithful ones but to every person on your contact list, to put their minds at ease about the fake pandemic and even more fake theoretical "Virus".

You Can Not "Catch A Virus" Because It Is Impossible.

Tom spent over a decade with chronic fatigue, and it was through his learning and understanding which he developed through six years of study of science which included medicine, six years of natural health and medicine, and three years solely looking into the nature of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans and parasites, that he cultivated the knowledge to reclaim his health and taught others how to do the same.

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