THE GREAT EXCUSE Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep53

Published March 24, 2021 7,953 Views

Rumble In this episode, Dinesh reflects on the Muslim mass shooter in Boulder and Democrats’ immediate calls for gun restrictions, noting that the last time Muslim radicals went on a killing spree in New York on 9/11, no one called for outlawing the two weapons involved, namely boxcutters and airplanes. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins to make the case for obstructionism and show us how it’s done. Previously a fan, and still not a foe, Dinesh wonders how Governor Kristi Noem lost her backbone. Jen Psaki lies about the border, and Dinesh has the receipts to prove it. Drawing on a field called viral ecology, Dinesh answers the question, why would God create a world with dangerous viruses?