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Rumble Sharing a defined look into the Jabs for your Health, IMPORTANT MUST SEE EDUCATIONAL VIDEO DEFINING ALL THE JABS! Do NOT Take the JAB!! You DO NOT NEED IT!!!

Take your daily recommended doses of Zinc and D3 daily! Vitamin C, and your other vitamins and you will be great! Colladial Silver is also a great immune support!

It is best to feed your body the "Immunition" it needs to fight off ANY disease. Be smart take action and you should be healthy!

Get back your Intuitive abilities! Take over your health, feel better.

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Americas FrontLine Doctors (get your RX now):

Information! Links to Research on the Jabs below:–BioNTech_COVID-19_vaccine–AstraZeneca_COVID-19_vaccine

THE CURES !! (the experimental C-19 VAX's above are not cures and will not save you!):

Recent White Paper (clinical!) from New England Journal of Medicine (need to look this one up):
nejmoa2022483 Moderna Vax.pdf

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Sensorship at its finest even to us!! We will never give in to evil. Shaft them!

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