Rewriting The Constitution of Canada

Published March 11, 2021 7,285 Views

Rumble Canada's Constitution is simply NOT good enough, for so many reasons we needed to open a blog and a discussion for it.

Corrupt politicians wrote our Constitution Act of 1867, and corrupt Globalists wrote our Constitution Act of 1982.

WE ARE REWRITING THE CONSTITUTION and we need your participation....all 37 million of you wonderful Canadians.

We will be looking for, and gathering together Constitutionalists in particular, and building teams to work on this massive undertaking, and we ENCOURAGE feedback and ideas from ALL of you.

Please sign up for our newsletters, join the comments section of our blogs, and add to the building of our amazing country, that the Globalists tried to destroy. It's up to us to create our own POPLULIST MOVEMENTS, and to take the power back from the swamp in Canada.