Walking Saved My Life

Published March 10, 2021 36 Views

Rumble I love walking, walking has become my favourite thing to do and its only in the last couple of months is have taken it and gone to the next level.
If you find yourself feeling depressed I would really start walking. I really think I suffer very bad from depression and anxiety but the problem with me I am so use to hiding my feelings that I can't tell in myself how I am feeling. But when I am walking I feel so much better.
Walking has really helped me with this, its my meditation. I would usually listen to music but now I am trying to not even do that. I am enjoying my thought process a lot better and because I am walking my dog Pay-Pack, I can be better at training him.
Walking has defiantly been better all round for me.

Here is some improvements I have noticed

1. Improving my moods
If i wake up in a bad mood, when i walking in the morning it will help my moods, this can take around 5000-8000 steps to change my mood. depending on how bad my mood is. I started to work out the problems in my head, because that is where a lot of things that are up setting my moods come from, its all in my head. If someone had upset me the day before and I am still carrying it around with me I have to realise that it is just in my head, I am learning to let it go. to forgive what it is and move on from it. because it is not benefitting me.

2. losing weight
last year before the first lockdown I was on the big side I was I small size 16. I wouldn't buy size 16 cloths, because I didn't want to admit that I was a size 16, so all of my clothes were very tight and very unflattering. So I hated going out and hated all my clothes. I started with trying to do 10,000 steps per day and doing skipping and boxing. but i was very bad at it and was still eating really badly. But then at the end of summer i started getting my 10,000 steps in. found a good route that I could stick to. Then around the begging of the winter i started to go hiking with my daughter Faith ever Thursday. In them hikes we where getting around 30.000 - 40,000 steps. 10,000 steps per day wasn't a challenge any more. so last week I upped my 10,000 steps to 20,000. Along the way I realised that I now fitting into my size 12 walking pants that I brought in the summer. I love it, I love seeing the process of everything that I am doing.

3. A better relation with my daughter
my relationship with my 16 year old daughter has gotten a lot better. Mostly because when we are on these walks we talk a lot better to each other. when we piss each other off, we go quite for a while, then talk it though or we get over it. We just seem to talk more about what is going on in our lives. I am very religious where it comes to consciousness and working on living a mindful life style. so I find mine and my daughters hikes are a great place to talk to her about it and what I have learned. Faith also has problem with controlling her emotions and some other stuff that we address so having faith becoming interested in hiking is so good for her.

4. A better dog owner
For the last 4 years I have hated being a dog owner, there are many reasons to why I hated being a dog owner. But then they would all just be excuses. Since I have start to do multiple walks per day and doing them for a long time periods. I started to take Pay out with me and in the last 4 months I have started to love dogs again and have started to enjoy being a dog owner again. Pay has a lot of problems, he is very anti social, he use to pull and didn't listen to any of my commands, when passing another dog i just wanted to die. But now I feel like there is a bond that I feel really good about, it took while to create it. He heels when I tell him to, sits before we cross the road can dismiss most dogs as we walking past. still working on a lot with him as I do want to train him for hiking and wild camping, so I cant have him going crazy every time he see's something. I Know we will get there and it feels me with pride the better he gets, I do wish I was a better dog owner before but i am here now and that's all that matters.