All things Shungite from Oraphim Ltd

Published March 8, 2021

Rumble Shungite is a new stone that's rocking the world right now, in this presentation Cassie from Oraphim Ltd will guide you through some simple and very effective ways to connect with the Quantum Energy that is released, this is proven by scientist the world over to purify water, detox, Harmonize unnatural Emf's and bring wellness to the struggling, enhancing the body to experiencing it's potential best.
Shungite stones are essentially being used as a portal into our Realm for a Sentient Healing Energy, which also Clears & Shifts Timelines, corrects all chakra's that have got stuck spinning in the wrong direction which causes dis-ease, and fills your Aura with Vitality & Strength which allows you to access your potential best. It's all about experiencing your hearts desires, Cassie shows this is all possible, linking the geometry of the molecule to the perfect match of us with 1st hand & customer testimonials!