How to heal from Cancer? Be inspired by a Story of Spontaneous Recovery from Cancer.

2 years ago

Many of us (with regret) do not know anything about one very carefully hidden phenomenon.
And this is the phenomenon of Spontaneous Recovery from Cancer.
Allopathic medicine calls him Spontaneous Remission.
Deliberately, this classical medicine, together with the pharmaceutical lobby, pushes him into the background.
I guess its just for 2 simple reasons:
Reason 1 - because they most likely do not understand this phenomenon
Reason 2 - becouse the current state of curing by classsical medicine (until death) and not real healing of Body and Soul (probably) suits them together
An atmosphere of fear, anxiety and the patient as innocent victims.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.
We are not victims of our diseases.
We are responsible for them up to 95%.
And that's good news.
And what did we call her to?
All the more so in the authentic session of the author, who experienced spontaneous recovery from recurrent cancer in its terminal phase.
He recovered with the unwavering support of his wife.
Diligence, perseverance and humility throughout the healing process.
No drugs and no doctors.
So how do you get out of this?
Or not fall into the clutches of this disease at all?
Listen to this eye-opening video until the end.
It can save your life.
I keep my fingers crossed for you!
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