2 years ago

California's dystopian Daily Pass: 'They want kids masked, barcoded and brainwashed'

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For years, conspiracy theorists have warned that governments will implement draconian mandates to prohibit access to services like travel, commerce, and education. Covid-19 has given cover to those ready to usher in their authoritarian dreams as the sheep flock to support the cause. This is why they're pushing fear. This is why how they achieve their goals.

Case-in-point: California's new 'Daily Pass' program. Touted as a safe way to open schools against a pandemic that is much less dangerous to children than the flu, it requires weekly Covid testing, a daily checklist for symptoms, and a public database through which our children must be monitored in order to accept the privilege of public education. As classical liberal show host Dave Rubin pointed out, this is "some evil, authoritarian insanity."

"Holy f---balls, this is some evil, authoritarian insanity. They want kids masked, barcoded and brainwashed. Two weeks to flatten the curve they said. Iā€™m staying in CA to #RecallGavinNewsom and then Iā€™m out..." he Tweeted.

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