Climate Change Fails to Make List of Top Democrat Fears, Edged Out by 12 Other Fictions

Published February 27, 2021 1,047 Views

Rumble Bill Whittle is shocked to learn that a recent survey of Democrats' top 12 fears does not include man-made climate change. It got edged out by a dozen other fictions. Get the highlights of this week's Moving Back to America in just 8 minutes. Become a Member to support this work at
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00:04 Justifying someone's life based on their accomplishments rather than the inherent value of a life justifies political choices by men like Gov. Andrew Cuomo during COVID-19 that end in death.
03:03 If Uncle Bob wants me to acknowledge that he's now a biological woman, that's where we part ways. I can call him Aunt Suzy if he wishes, but if I accept a premise contrary to fact he involves me in a form of lunacy borne of dishonesty.
05:32 Of the 12 things Democrats fear in a recent poll, you might be shocked to learn that climate change is not on the list.