Special Song - I Need You Now, (Piano), James W. Bryant, 2014

Published February 26, 2021 8 Views

Rumble Special Song - I Need You Now, (Piano)
James W. Bryant
Saturday, 05-24-2014

"Obviously l am not a pianist, nor any musician, but I had this song in my soul that I was feeling and wanted to try and convey it. So I simply mashed some keys on the piano to try and get it out. Although the one in my soul sounds much better than does the one on my piano, you get at least some idea about it. I did not know the pains that I was just before learning. I would learn two months later than one of my best friends had brain cancer. After just over a year of battling the disease, my friend past and I buried him.

The reason for this song was simply that my soul was already in mourning even before my conscience was aware of it.. I will never over the loss of my friend, Robert Ear Johnson.

Friday PM, 02/26/2021

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