ASIA PACIFIC TODAY. Early treatment of Covid-19 saves lives with Dr Vladimir Zelenko.

Our guest, Dr Vladimir Zelenko, a pioneer of early treatment of Covid-19 has long been subjected to censorship by a medical media cartel. Last year, Dr Zelenko, found himself in the whirlpool engulfing Hydroxychloroquine after President Trump highlighted the drug’s potential to treat Covid-19.

Dr Zelenko graduated from SUNY at the Buffalo School of Medicine in 2000. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine and is the medical director at Monsey Family Medical Center in New York.


Cancel Culture, Mainstream media and Big Tech had some wins this week.

In Australia, after months of hounding, Craig Kelly MP, an outspoken supporter of early treatment for Covid-19, resigned from the Government benches to become an Independent. Main Stream Media were outraged with Craig Kelly. Katharine Murphy from the Guardian said that Scott Morrison must heed the lesson of Donald Trump and slap down Craig Kelly. Slap him down.

Prominent members of conservative mainstream press criticised him for his apparent selfishness and crude and destructive populism which they said threatened the Conservative cause and Government itself. Really?

Big Tech continues to threaten free speech, but the Australian Government said Facebook had befriended Australia again after it reversed its ban on Australian news content.

Legislation was passed requiring technology giants Google and Facebook to negotiate with Australian media companies to pay for news content. Unlike big media, Individuals and small content producers will remain subject to the whims and censorship of Big Tech. So, despite what they say, all is not well in the kingdom.

Big Tech and State censorship is rife in the US. House Democrats are pressing cable TV providers over their decisions to carry channels that lawmakers accuse of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories that lead to “real world harm.” Conservative channels such as Newsmax, BlazeTV, One America Network (OANN) and Fox News are their targets.

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