Published February 21, 2021 36 Views

Rumble Scott Kesterson founder of KILROY RISING

Our unit has impressed many national leaders as an organization that is doing things the way they should be done and they would like to recognize us and become partners in the very important task of informing and educating our fellow Americans.
TSM PHOENIX will be working with this organization to help build more networks between like minded patriots nation wide. I ask that you take a look and join us in getting the word out! Please share!
Kilroy Rising is a Special Operations veterans political action group linked with Veterans from all services and concerned citizens. All of us are proud Americans representing the melting pot. We are mobilizing across the country to support local community groups to mobilize their vote, share their stories and become connected as a unified front to stop the progressive madness that has taken root across our country.
This year's presidential election is not about parties, but a choice between two things: ensuring we have a nation or becoming part of a global one world government. We must all now choose.... and choose to protect our nation and vanquish those that seek to destroy it.