Leaders Fuel Daily: Episode 3 - Jimmy Sorrells/Ninja Networking

Published February 12, 2021 3 Views

Rumble Introducing Jimmy Sorrells

Jimmy is located in Greenville, S.C. He has been married for 17+ years with 4 kids. He loves helping people and connecting them with others who can help them. He loves music and collects all types of physical media and go to concerts often. He also loves art and helping local artists.

Jimmy is on the leadership team in my Business Network International (BNI) chapter, Elite Networking. He is a co-host of the South Carolina Happy Neighborhood Project (HNP) as well as a HNP verified member. Jimmy is very well connected with many business professionals and can connect you with someone that will help you solve any problem you have. That is why he is the Ninja Networker.
Jimmy’s business is in the Merchant Services space and offers credit card processing to small businesses with no commissions or credit card fees which helps them to keep more profits and stay in business. He specializes in online ordering for restaurants and food trucks with no commissions or credit card fees.

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