Our Past, Present, and Future - Mass Awakening author Shoshi Herscu & The Finance Doctor

Published February 10, 2021 274 Views

Rumble Our Past, Present, and Future - Mass Awakening author Shoshi Herscu & The Finance Doctor

Because of my search for the TRUTH, I came across the book “MASS AWAKENING” I connected with the author, Shoshi Herscu (from Israel) who kindly accepted my invitation to learn about her and her book as I endeavor to take the path that not everyone is willingly taking… to share the truth despite censorship.

Topics discussed: Awakening Journey, Electronic Pollution (Chem Trails), ET and their technologies, Secret Space Program, Deep Underground Military Bases, Global Currency Reset, NESARA/GESARA, Sonic Healing Machines (Med Beds), final thoughts, and call to action.

Bottom line… we have to re-learn everything. We have to have a lot of compassion and patience for those who are still unaware of the truth. Lots of GRATITUDE to those who were awake before me and shared the truth so I can learn and do my part to help others in this journey. Let’s pray for PEACE as we transition to the new way of living but let’s not forget all the MILITARY and CIVILIANS whose lives were taken away to fight for what is RIGHTEOUS. The hard work has already been done… thanks to the White Hats (good guys). God bless us all.





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