From Disco to Discipleship - The Marty Angelo Story

Published February 7, 2021 17 Views

Marty worked in the entertainment business from 1965 to 1980 as a musician, television producer, record
promoter, disk jockey, restaurant and nightclub owner and personal manager for rock 'n' roll bands,
Raven and the popular Top 40s rock group, The Grass Roots starring Rob Grill. He also created, wrote and produced the '70s very popular dance television show, Disco Step-by-Step® and in 1978 was voted
one of the Top 25 disco record promoters.

He was arrested in 1980 for two counts of possession of cocaine. Marty explains how he experienced a "new beginning," a
dramatic and electrifying conversion to Christianity. This miracle happened in 1981 prior to serving two-and-a-half years in a federal prison.

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