158 LIVE: Real Estate, Life Coach, Limited Government, Yoga At Home, Wellness **VALLEY FORGE**

Published February 6, 2021 8 Views

Rumble *** This Is An Inspirational & Motivational Episode. It will encourage you take that leap which will make all the difference in your business and personal life.

We also played a 7 minute segment from episode #127 with Rick Manning, President of Americans For Limited Government. It was recorded 10/9/19 and has more meaning now than before the election. He reminds us that God is in control, how dangerous government is, our responsibility as Americans to save her and a short story about George Washington and the Battle of Valley Forge

https://everythinghometalkshow.com/127-americans-for-limited-government-you-couldnt-be-more-opposite-than-biden-with-richard-manning/ ***

"We have to change the Victim mentality to VICTOR for things to happen for yourself!"

5 Guests + 7 Minute Segments = Tons of Tips & Takeaways

"Purpose-Driven Partners” Segment Showcasing our Partners in the Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network!

12:06pm - Molly Faulkner: The Housing Market

12:17pm - Virginia Prodan: Live Your Potential

12:27pm - Rick Manning: Americans For Limited Government

12:38pm - Emma Burton: Yoga To Connect The Mind, Body & Soul

12:48pm - Wendi Michelle: Reclaim Your Health To Live Whole, Healthy & Free

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