The Truth And Lies About Covid19

Published January 31, 2021 1,425 Views

Rumble Our First Documentary is about Covid-19. Over the past several months, we have researched the Wuhan China Virus, the lockdown orders, and mask mandates. We take a hard look at Big Tech's decision to censor board-certified doctors and anyone for that matter who dare speak out against the narratives being promoted by the mainstream media and politicians. What we have uncovered is nothing less than shocking.

The lies and misinformation must stop.

What is the Wuhan Chinese virus is really about?

Are lockdowns and mask mandates put in place to protect us?

Facebook and Twitter have banned people from their platforms that they disagree with politically. Videos from medical professionals have been banned or deleted. Enough is enough.

Social Platforms like Facebook is no longer the public square that they claim but have become political and censor truth or facts they disagree with or wish to silence. If you go against the approved narratives, they will harass you, delete your content and voice.

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Mike Marquardt

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