9 Well Paying Careers That Don't Require College

Published January 27, 2021 40 Views

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Maybe you are like me and never finished college, never went in the first place or realized after you graduated that your career isn't what you thought it would be. Whatever the reason is, I thought it would be good to discuss well paying careers that don't require anything higher than a high school diploma.

Number 1: Blue Collar
Trade jobs can pay anywhere from $50k to $80k and most people overlook them. Mechanics, plumbers, technicians, electricians, etc are all well paying blue collar careers that are in demand and don't require a degree.

Number 2: Sales
I suggest if you are going to do sales, sell something expensive. It gives opportunity for higher commissions. I also recommend working for a business that supplies leads, it will allow you to focus more on selling and less on finding appointments.

Number 3: Massage Therapist
To be honest, I think this career path is harder for men to be successful. Not saying it can't be done, just harder. The average massage therapist makes about $40k/year. (Personal training is another health related field that doesn't require a degree).

Number 4: Insurance/Real Estate
A lot of people get their real estate license thinking they'll only need to work a few days a year. Truth is, real estate and insurance (while very lucrative) is a hard business to succeed in. The barrier to entry is quite low, but the potential for gain is quite high if you put the effort in.

Number 5: Law Enforcement
Cops and law enforcement have been getting a bad rep lately. Yes, there are some officers that abuse their power... but law enforcement is still a respected field to enter. For our society to be successful, we need men and women willing to put the vest on and keep our community safe.

Number 6: Truck Driver
If you prefer to work by yourself, truck driving can be a successful career path. It's pretty low stress, widely needed and there's not too much change. Believe it or not, the average truck driver makes $68k a year.

Number 7: Court Reporter
If you've ever been in court, you may have noticed someone typing in the corner. Court reporters transcribe everything that happens in court and the median income is $57k.

Number 8: Accountant
A lot of people think that you need a degree in order to be an accountant. While a lot of accountants do go to college, it's not a requirement. CPA's go through a process of tests that (if passed) grant them licenses to practice accounting.

Number 9: Entrepreneur
As a promoter of entrepreneurship, I didn't want to leave this out. While Google says the average salary of an entrepreneur is around $70k, the income potential is limitless. Maintaining ownership of businesses can become extremely lucrative if wise decisions are made.

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