1871 They turned us into a corporation. In 2019 we were set free.

Published January 26, 2021 2,922 Views

Rumble SantaSurfing, reads the 2nd Declaration Of Independence:
( I find it helpful as the font is hard to read for me, so I can read along)
This is what it is all about. Biden was Innaugurated (crowned) King of the swamp creatures of the corporation. All laws, legislatures etc must all be re written in our new FREE Republic system. This had to proceed this way as after he sealed the deal, was sworn in, the crime was completed. Now the military, who is in charge, can indict Biden and company. All the EO's are fake, American needs to wake up and see what the left had planned for us. Be not afraid, is all part of the plan. We are watching God birth our new nation. You are called to pray God through. Draw near to God and He will draw near to YOU. Hugs!