A Fathers Love

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Rumble A World over favorite poem that you may remember forever with your family on special days, if not every day. Here are the words as well.

Here are words to A father’s love:
His responsibilities are many.

His authority is meant to be exercised in wisdom at all times.

Though he is a provider he will not choose monetary gain at the sacrifice of his children’s salvation.

Where are these men?

Where are these fathers?

He has unseen strength and yet gentle

His teenage sons and daughters still thinks he knows everything and yet the father listens and carries out the uplifting ideas of their hearts.

They are his chief concern each day

He is a brave man but willing to be vulnerable to help his children grow. He lets them know how this man came to be.

The ups, the down, the beauty, the flaws.

He intimates uplifting conversations and sorrowfully the unspeakable mistakes to his maturing sons

He teaches his insightful daughters, there is such a word called regret; because regrets lead to repentance.

Which came first? The word dignity or the father who displayed it?

Which came first? The word honor or the father honoring others?

What is fairness and justice? If not for the beating heart of a father?

Would we even know the meaning of such words?

Where are these men?

Where are these fathers?

Your sons need you, so they won’t lose their way.

Your daughters need you so their life’s song will be happy.

The love and wisdom of a father. Coupled with the love and insight of a mother.

This is conducive to enlightenment. Rational, imaginative and spiritual. This creates an atmosphere where the children will not only know what’s right, but do what’s right.

They will grow.

They will thrive

This is a father’s love.
By James Lynch Jr
Author and Writer at pocbooks.com
Perceptive Readers Podcast

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