Truth Broadcast #1 : Part 1/2 *{1/22/21}* Video Evidence of Voter Fraud & A Smooth Transition of Power †

Published January 26, 2021 2,163 Views

Rumble To watch this entire Truth Broadcast on our site and the link for this specific video is below †

Executive Orders, Deep State Fired, Alliance in Place and Biden will never be president of anything other than the defunct UNITED STATES CORPORATION that was owned by the Crown and Vatican until the Q Alliance and Trump bankrupted and dethroned the NWO (Old World Order) †

This is a deep dive into who ran the Old World Order, so that we can see with clarity the military intelligence operation that is unfolding in real time to dismantle this satanic power structure. There is video evidence of voter fraud, and we will go into detail about how Biden and his Deep State handlers will never control our Constitutional Republic ever again †

We will also go through Executive Orders from Trump's  first term, who he has fired in recent times and who has taken their place, the stage is set for mass arrests †

1. Clips from ANTIFA + Allowing

2. Charlie ward laptops (9 minute video)

Laptops picture in screenshots (get sideways media)
>>>Got them Now Go Home knew the plan

3. TRUnews>Ourglass>>Our Establishment >>>Timeline >>>> RIIA >>>>> CFR>>>>>>Winston Lord
>>>>>>>The Trilateral Commission


4.  BURISMA > Victor Shokin >>  Richard Hass >>> Clip of Biden at the CFR >>>> Hillary CFR >>>>> Cheney CFR

5. Hunter Biden : Senate Report : they Got IT

6. Christian Message > Beelieve >>TruNews>>> EcoActive >>>> Blue Bottle Love >>>>> Clear Negative Inputs from the past in Jesus’ Name

7. Kangen Water :

8. Phoenicians > Jezebel >> Marriage King

9. Mockingbird media > CFR >> BILDERBERG >>> Trilateralists >>>> Media Empire >>>>> Estulin >>>>>> Page of Insight : Media Monopoly (image capture)

10. TRUNews > Kangen >> Nova Gaia >>> Health Benefits >>>> Scroll Through >>>>> Show Kangen Tab

11. Human Rights Abuse EO 12/21/2017

12. The Storm : You’ll find out
13.  98% of Congress will fall (image)
14.  John Durham : Q
15. 9/12/2018 : Executive Order : Stand Against Coup of Bush Cabal

16. Account Deleted : so many pictures! Find one
17. 9/12/2018  EO : Media Section
18.  John Ratcliffe  : Image of John Reporting Foreign Election interference
19. TRUNews > Ourglass >> Establishment >>> InfoGraphics >>>> David Rockefeller Quote on the Chairman Mao’s Social Experiment’s Success
20.  Altered Carbon > Patent 060606 >> Nanotech
21.  Adjudicated Ballots > why + what?
23. Voting > Counting