God's Flat Earth & the Firmament of His Power III

Published January 25, 2021

Rumble This teaching is from May 15th, 2016.
Satan's most successful deception in turning people away from the Creator and His Word (the Holy Bible) has been the heliocentric scientific theories about the earth, the cosmos, and the origins of life. Then NASA came along with their NAZI scientists and reinforced those lies with fake pictures of earth and a fake moon landing. Sadly, most people accepted these things without question. How dare we question the "smart people"? They mock the Biblical account of Creation and reject it as ancient myths because they believed the theatrics and props of "space agencies." But is the earth really a flat plane with a solid crystalline, molten glass dome over it as the Bible has taught for thousands of years? Is there a place the Bible calls the "end of the earth" where there is a boundary for the oceans? Is there evidence to prove that NASA, Copernicus, and other "geniuses" have lied to us and suppressed the truth? Can you test the curvature of the Earth (or lack thereof) with some simple experiments? The answers to these questions will rock your world. We at Fire & Grace Church did our own experiment across Mobile Bay with an Orion Telescope and a Nikon 900 Zoom and those pictures are in this video. God bless.
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