Poshmark 'Super User' Earns $6K In A Week By Investing In Company's IPO

Published January 17, 2021 25,908 Views

Rumble Tiffany Wood has been an active 'super user' seller on Poshmark since 2015, and her loyalty has truly paid off.
According to Business Insider, Wood now has a $12,000 nest egg because she bought stock in the company's initial public offering.
In a leaked email, Poshmark let super users know the company had reserved 330,000 shares that they, and their friends and family, could purchase.
The max buy was 150 shares. Wood bought 149 shares at $42 a share--the initial share price. On day one, her stock went up to a value of $14,378.
By the market's close on Friday, shares were trading at $83.20. Wood's stake is still worth $12,397 with a healthy profit of $6,139. And she's thrilled!