What Can Happen When Community Pulls Together

Published January 15, 2021 48 Views $0.02 earned

Rumble It is important, now more than ever, to stand together in support of ranching and farming. No one has ever exposed NGOs like our organization has. This is because we are not afraid to stand up for what’s right no matter what the obstacle is. Educating the public and exposing these groups for their true agenda and connections sets us apart. We only hope it inspires others to do so as well. The time to lay low and hope you’re not their next target is long gone. Now, action is required. We are here to support you. An incidence in Missouri shows that when a community comes together, they are stronger. Recently, we encountered a group in Missouri, Lucas Cattle Company’s back yard, that was working to undermine producers in the state and gain unrestricted access to their property by a “county appointed expert”. This group, Missouri Rural Crisis Center has ties to SRAP. They are following the SRAP’s cookie-cutter formula to quickly push laws and county ordinances without the knowledge of county residents and producers. Well, we were not going to let that happen in our backyard. Through the tireless efforts of the Lucas Cattle Company ranch management team, phone calls, and door to door visits, a full page ad and email blast on and major social media push we reached Hickory County and beyond. County Commissioners received many out of state calls from producers concerned about the implications of the proposed ordinance. On the night of the Town Hall meeting we are proud to say there was a record turnout, a crowd so large they had to change the venue and it was standing room only. Hickory County tabled the ordinance and it did not even have a chance to come to a vote. Mike Deering, the Executive Vice President of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, said: “This gathering was the most inspiring and uplifting meeting I’ve been to in a long time. Truly amazing.” The turn out was inspirational and a demonstration of what we can accomplish with some grass roots hard work and leveraging technology.