Trump - When Somebody's Slightly Disloyal To Me I Look Upon It As A Great Act Of Horror

Published January 13, 2021 1,360 Views

Rumble You see I'm so loyal to people. Maybe I am loyal to a fault, but I'm so loyal to people that when somebody's slightly disloyal to me I look upon it as a great act of horror. I used to say that someday I'd like to maybe lose everything for a period of time to see who's loyal and who's not loyal. You can't guess it, you can't predict it. You think certain people would be loyal no matter what and it turns out that they're not. Some of the people that were most loyal to me are people that I didn't think would be. I would have wiped the floor with the guys that weren't loyal, which I will now do, which is great, you know I love getting even with people. If given the opportunity I will get even with some people that were disloyal to me.

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