The Connie Bryan Show: An Ounce of Patriotism

Published January 13, 2021 143 Views

Rumble On this special 'NATIONAL EMERGENCY' edition of the program, taped on January 9th, 2021, Connie Bryan delivers a strong emergency message to the President...She begins the show with powerful video footage that PROVES that the Trump supporters who occupied the Capitol bldg on Jan 6th were NOT A VIOLENT MOB, and were NOTHING BUT PEACEFUL and PATRIOTIC, and that the only violence was a few ANTIFA bad actors outside the Capitol beforehand...The footage shows the Capitol Police ALLOWING the Trump supporter protesters inside the Capitol bldg through a wide open Capitol door, precisely BECAUSE THE PROTESTERS WERE PEACEFUL. The footage shows the hundreds of PEACEFUL Americans waving American flags and at NO TIME WHATSOEVER was there a 'violent mob' among them...The footage also shows the disgraceful and needless killing of 14 year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt by the only 'violent mob member' inside the bldg, that being the Capitol Police officer who shot and killed her while she was unarmed, not a threat, and draped in a Trump American flag. Connie also discusses what she refers to as the dangerous 'DOPE-IFICATION' and 'OBESE-IFICATION' of our nation, which the Chinese are counting on in their admitted plan to destroy our country from within, and the need for Americans to WAKE UP NOW and find at least an OUNCE of patriotism.