Inauguration Around Easter Shown in My Reading—And Confirmed by Robert David Steele

Published January 12, 2021 181 Views

Rumble 🀄️🎴🃏 Full Tarot Reading (Election Update):

ℹ️ntell from ex-CIA Robert David Steele:

📺 WE in 5D Tarot 2 (My Backup YT Channel):

🔮 My Remote Viewing of Potential Timeline:

🌎 Dolores Cannon—Transitioning Into New Earth:

📜 A 6000+ Year History of the N̰̜͉͔ͬ̽͢W̸͈ͯ̾̒̿O̵̷̪̰ͩ͆ͅ, it’s Annunaki Roots, the Current Great Awakening, and the Future 5D New Earth! (1h 42m):

📜 Short Version w/ Special Focus on The Annunaki (30m):


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🔴 Will Trump Win 🗳 The 2020 Election?:

🔴 Open Level Yoga 🧘‍♂️ with WE in 5D Tarot:

🔴 Dolores Cannon 🌠 Are You a Starseed/One of the 3 Waves of Volunteers?:

🔴 Dolores Cannon 👥 Who Are the Backfill People?:

🔴 Abraham Hicks ✨ You’re The Creator of Your Reality.. Every Time, No Exception‼️:

🔴 Sandra Rolus' Ho'oponopono 🌈 Forgiveness/Healing/Self-Love Meditation/Prayer:

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