Why Entrepreneurs Fail: 3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Published January 10, 2021 54 Views

Rumble Today, especially now with the pandemic, mor and more people are trying to start an online business. Statistically 60% of those will fail, and in this video we’ll explore the 3 habits that new entrepreneurs need to have to succeed.
Entrepreneurs have to armed with the tools they need to succeed, starting with developing their mindset. They have to be prepared by setting smart goals, plan or schedule their days, and believe in themselves. They need to learn how to work on revenue generating tasks rather than no essential tasks.
Brian Rajala is a corporate manager with over 30 years of leadership. Whether you are working in the corporate world or in business for yourself, there are a lot of similarities of how you schedule and manage your days. You still have goals that you have to set and achieve, as well as schedule your time to meet demand. Brian has dabbled with his online business ventures for the better part of 20 years, and is now devoting his full time attention to it.

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