BANNED - Possible Leaked Roadmap for the Next Phase of the Agenda (Covid / Great Reset)

Published January 10, 2021 1,139 Views

Rumble Grim Covid related Dystopian Future under Great Reset -

Removed by youtube - See here for information about the leaked letter -

The frightening thing about this leak is it is dated October 10 2020 and everything it says has so far come true as of Jan 10th. We can't possibly know if it is true except for that.

This is published under "fair use" given that the video is being used here to serve public interest by restoring this clip to visibility for public information AND to try and ascertain WHY ON EARTH it was erased by youtube given that it is such a rich source of conspiracy theories and misinformation, and given that this one may actually be true.

Regarding "The Great Reset" mentioned therein, see and yellings home where we offer live updates.

Please visit & bookmark that site - it is hosted in the UK for safekeeping. We will be moving it forward to include info on how to stay safe in the mega storm that is about to hit.