Biden Smears Trump, Cruz, Hawley By Comparing Them to Nazi Propagandist

2 years ago

Q: Do you think some of them should resign? Senator cruz or senator hawley resign?

BIDEN:  i think they should be beat then next time they run. I think the american public has a good, clear look at who they are. They're part of a big lie. I was being reminded by a friend of mine, maybe you were with me, i can't recall, when we told that, you know, Gobells and the great lie, keep repeating the law, keep repeating the lie. There was a point when dresden was fire bombed, 250 people that were killed. Or was it 2,500 people that were killed. And goebbels said no, 25,000 -- or 250,000 were killed. And our papers printed that. Our papers printed it. That's a big lie. People will notice

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