Session 09 – Preliminaries Part 8 – 01_08_2021

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Rumble Session 09 – Preliminaries Part 8 – 01_08_2021 – Thinking in a different way. Terms and Concepts Chart – “opinions.” Reference Resources – Bible Commentaries. Dealing with biblical illiteracy – Hosea 4:6.

“After publishing Sessions 12 and 13, I have come to realize that there are 7 things that I’m going to have to state at the beginning of virtually each and every session (See Session 14). You may pause the video where you need more time to read.

The 7 numbered points:
#1 This is not a podcast. This is a research project (See Session 13). These videos are not being made to be episodes, as it were, and they are not being made for the sake of entertainment. This is a research project.

#2 Neither is this research project open-ended. This project has a beginning and an end. The video series documenting this research project began on September 9, 2020. This project’s end date is unknown, but if it goes as planned, when it reaches its intended conclusion sometime in the future, the findings of this study will be stated.

#3 This research project is a very big project. In case anyone should come across any of these videos at any point between the start and the conclusion of this project, they will have no idea of either the magnitude of this project, nor its purpose or manner of procedure. This project is much too big for me to be explaining it all in each and every session, and if I were to try, it would prevent this project from ever making any headway. Should you have questions regarding what this project is all about, contact me with a specific question or objection and I will be more than happy to provide you with the session numbers which have dealt with those questions. Or, if the question has not yet been addressed, I will either answer you separately from these sessions, or I will let you know how and when I plan to answer it in the future.

#4 This project is not interested in studying eschatology at all, including what is often called The Rapture. Rather, this project is interested in looking at events that are going on in the world now, and that have been going on since recent times, through the lens of one particular prophecy to see if it can be determined if what we are seeing right now might be a partial fulfillment – not a complete fulfillment – of the prophecy. The one prophecy of interest is the prophecy that was given by none other than Jesus Himself, as recorded in Mark 13, and also in Matthew 24 and in Luke 21. For this project’s position on the reliability of Scripture, see Sessions 4, 5 and 6.

#5 There are two sides to this project – a research side and a proactive side. The research side is open to anybody, no matter who you are or what you believe. The proactive side is a Christian outreach effort that seeks to deal with the current corruptions and injustices we are seeing today with a decidedly Christian approach. Therefore, the proactive side is only open to Christians. Understandably, only Christians are even capable of doing Christian outreach. See Session 13 for more details about the proactive side of this project. For this project’s position on the meaning of the terms ‘spiritual’ and ‘Christianity,’ see Session 5. For more information about the nature of the proactive side of this project, see Session 13.

#6 The reason for this project: This is the most important point: I have reason to suspect that the events of these days are not only exceptionally unusual, they are unnaturally unusual (see Session 1). In addition, I have reason to suspect that the events of these days call for urgently crucial and critical life decisions to be made by virtually all people. There are 3 possibilities: Either I’m right or I’m wrong or else it just can’t be known. If I’m wrong, I’m going to want my research to show me that. If it can’t be known, I’m going to want my research to show me that too. But if I’m right, it means that there are 5 implications that people are going to have to deal with (see Sessions 1 and 2). That is why I’m doing this project and why I’m inviting others to participate in doing the project along with me, because I know that it is in their own best interest that they do.

#7 If you should want to participate in doing this project along with me, here are some preparatory tips to help you: 1) Be prepared that this is a big project and is going to take a long time. 2) Be prepared to take notes. I am only the facilitator of this project. I do not tell anyone what to think or what to believe. You will collect your own data, and at the end of this project, you will state your own conclusions. I will be furnishing you with charts for you to collect your data. At the end, we will be able to compare our conclusions. This project has already covered a great deal of information, and time does not permit me to repeat it all each session. I’m quite sure it would be beneficial to you to catch up on the progress of this project beginning with Session 1. If you have a specific question or objection, if that subject has already been covered, contact me and I will let you know the sessions in which it has been discussed.