United States of America History - Inventing a Nation (pt:2)

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Rumble The history of the American Constitution pictures a decade during which the Constitution was drawn up./Describes the secret Independence Hall debates involving Hamilton, Mason and Madison, setting precedents for modern politics.

the constitution set up the president to keep an eye on the Congress and the Congress to keep an eye on the president and to keep an eye on both of them with something else a Supreme Court of judges appointed for life.

Above the political battle and yet and this is vital they are able to decide the outcome of all the battles political and social of American life that and gauge the best and the worst passions of the people and this is the place where over the longest stretch of time the United States Supreme Court has set it is the watchdog of the ordinary American citizen and there's nothing like it.

The most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man.' At Philadelphia's Independence Hall, host Alistair Cooke recalls the writing and ratification of the document, focusing on the conflict over Federal and state powers.

Two prime antagonists: Hamilton and Madison. Judicial interpretations of the Constitution key Cooke's tour of the old Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. At Monticello (Va.) he profiles 'the missing giant of the Constitutional Convention,' Thomas Jefferson

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