How One Woman Pulled In $200K In Her First Year Of Business, Strand By Strand

Published January 4, 2021 5,536 Views

Rumble Angelina Murphy paid off $100,000 in debt in just a year by making very smart money moves in her business.
She says her default setting is as an artist, not a businesswoman. However, using a budget for the first time reined in her spending.
According to Business Insider, the Seattle-area resident had three keys to her success: a niche market, expertise, and location.
Her specialty, high-end, business offers luxury hair extensions to women with thinning hair or hair that won't grow very long.
She's also very good at her job and invests in her ongoing professional development.
Finally, Murphy keeps her expenses low by using her own garage as her location, instead of a pricey retail salon!

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