Let's Take Texas

Published December 30, 2020 10 Views

Rumble The New Hard Country Hit Single from MrFreeUSA!!

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Lyrics and Vocals by MrFreeUSA

Music by MrFreeUSA with Tony Corelli

Recorded and Mixed by Tony Corelli at Deep End Studio
Middle River, MD thedeependstudio.com

All images are owned by MrFreeUSA

Copyright 2021 Scott G. “MrFreeUSA” D.I.E.T.Z.

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1. Hellraisers themselves
2. Founding Fathers would agree
3. Breaking away from tyranny
4. Is our duty.

5. So if you’re tired o’ living
6. ‘longside commie puke
7. Let’s move to Texas
8. And take her.

A. Let’s Take Texas
B. I’m issuing a declaration, in the form of a song
C. Proclaiming our independence
D. It’s been too long

E. Let’s Take Texas
F. Time to separate
G. Differences are too great
H. Time we lead our separate lives
Second Verse:
1. The question is
2. Do we secede
3. Or do we find a tough sheriff
4. And start living free

5. The sheriff’s endowed
6. With Constitutional rights
7. In all 50 states
8. It’ll allow us to fight

A. Let’s Take Texas
B. Take Texas to a county near you
C. Take that bold rebellious spirit
D. Say F. U.

E. Let’s Take Texas
F. Why make Texas real estate prices go through the roof
G. Hell, why even move?

Third Verse:
1. On every continent
2. In every country
3. There are bold, tough and real peoples
4. Yearning to be free

5. Join us on our quest
6. To create a freer world
7. Freedom brings human rights
8. And prosperity

A. Let’s Take Texas
B. Let’s export Texas to the world.
C. With love, in peace,
D. And with a smile

E. Let’s Take Texas
F. Let’s build a big wave of energy,
G. and ride it onto the sandy shores
H. Of all the lands of humanity

I. Let’s Take Texas
J. I’m Mr. Free.
K. I wrote every word in this song,
L. And take full responsibility
M. For whatever may come of it

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