God Prescribed The Solution to Coronavirus 3,400 Years Ag

Published December 23, 2020 21 Views

Rumble How is the Chinese Coronavirus being stopped? Through sanitation and quarantine, and on the news they are saying quarantine was invented in 1500's... WRONG! Sanitation and quarantine are the tools being used, and they are very successful, but quarantine and sanitation were not "invented" 500 years ago. No. Both were prescribed by God 3400 years ago. God deserves the credit... God deserves the PRAISE!

In the Middle Ages the black plague killed millions, except for the Jews. Many, many fewer Jews got sick and died. Why? Because they practiced what God instructed them to do, including good sanitation and quarantine. They followed the Levitical Laws and lived.

BUT there is one MAJOR DIFFERENCE between what the Bible prescribes and what we are doing. The Bible prescribes quarantine for those who are sick. For the Wuhan virus EVERYONE is being quarantined.